Facebook Game – Waka Waka Review

Waka Waka is really a Facebook Pac Man recreation that is introduced to you with the aid of Metro 우리카지노 games, the identical builders that introduced you the addictive video games like Typing Maniac. At first glanced Waka Waka has changed a lot for the reason that its first release in Facebook. First thing I observe is that the sport no longer using the ghost and little Pac Man anymore and has been changed with a great deal cuter searching characters.

Waka Waka needs no education to play as the sport has been around since the early dawn of online game technology. Its idea is straightforward, eat or be eaten. All gamers has to do is to guide their Pac Man, I suggest little octopus across the display and eat some thing this is round and attempt no longer to get eaten through the monster this is chasing once you.

Along the way the sport does provide strength usawhich permit you to eat again the monster chasing once you. Once in a while you may get extra boost like Speed, Freezing and additionally Confusion to assist tip the balance between you and the monsters.

The stage design of the game itself is one of a kind as you progress via the sport, but after the 5 to six round, the map will shift lower back to the unique one in which you commenced. Not to make the sport dull the developers without a doubt buff up the velocity of the game when you long past thru all of the maps in one round.

Well not anything may be said approximately the photograph department on this sport as that is Pac Man game we are talking approximately. However, I am as an alternative please that Metrogames surely trade the Pac Man into a cute little octopus and the ghosts at the moment are diverse forms of monster or robots, relying on the level itself.

Music is as a substitute repetitive and the sound of Waka Waka is going at the whole time (bet wherein the game were given its call from)

Nice sport clearly, this is to show to people that vintage does not suggest that it is not fun.

Rating to this game is 4 out of five.

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