Hair Extensions and Excess Shedding Issue

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Getting hair extensions can be very concerned. There are many special methods available, many differing types and characteristics of hair to apply and plenty of one-of-a-kind stylists to pick from. Hair Extensions aren’t something that you need to rush into with out thoroughly checking matters out. Many things can pass wrong if they’re now not nicely attached, removed and maintained.

One trouble that may provide you with hair extensions is shedding. Shedding starts offevolved at the factor of attachment. There are many distinctive approaches that the hair extensions may be connected. When the factor in which they have been connected turns into unfastened, the hair extension will slip and fall out of the hair. Sometimes the natural hair will pop out as properly. Some shedding is to be predicted. Here is a question from a lady that had this issue.

Hair Extension Question:

I even have extensions that had been fused into my hair the use of the strand technique. I actually have had hair extensions before and plainly I always have troubles with extra losing for a few cause. I do not have a hair thinning hassle and my hair in all fairness thick. I changed into questioning if perhaps my stylist have to use the hair with the glue this is already at the suggestions along with the regular glue she makes use of within the gun. Would this make the extensions greater relaxed? I love having hair extensions, however inside three weeks I am geared up for a fill. I do not suppose they must shed this a lot


I’m sorry that you are having problems together with your extensions falling out. This may be a completely not unusual problem with some hair extension methods. I am now not a expert cosmetologist, so I cannot provide you a professional opinion. But I have finished widespread research on hair extensions and I can percentage with you some of the records I even have found out.First of all, it’s miles regular to lose a few extensions and need filling in. Most hair extensions techniques require monthly renovation visits to deal with this kind of hassle. However, if you are losing plenty of the extensions, some thing else may be wrong.There can be 3 motives why your extensions are falling out.1. Your hair isn’t strong sufficient to keep the hair. (You did no longer point out whether or not the extensions are pulling out your herbal hair once they fall out.)2. Your hair for anything purpose (possibly too oily, dry, etc.) isn’t working nicely with the glue that your stylist has used.3. The extensions are not being put in properly (Did you thoroughly check out your stylist’s qualifications and schooling for hair extensions?)

Some of the pre-tipped hair extensions available today are with certain wonderful hair extension strategies that the stylist must study and authorized to connect. The chemical make-up of the pre-tipped extensions may be one of a kind than the glue that your stylist is using. I wouldn’t assume that blending varieties of glues could be properly on your hair. Is your stylist worried about too many extensions falling out? A trained hair extension stylist will realize when an excessive amount of dropping is taking location and some motion need to be taken.If you are not glad along with your stylist, possibly you could time table a hair extension consultation at several different salons for your location so that you can have some other professional opinion approximately your hair extensions. Some salons fee a nominal charge for the consultation. For more information on hair extensions,

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