Abortion and Post Abortion Syndrome

For years, prochoice organizations had been working to ensure that anyone who is pregnant is capable of access actual, unbiased statistics about all being pregnant options, and, if desired and required, reap assist and funding to get right of entry to a safe abortion at home with capsules or abroad in a health center.

On behalf of Abortion Support Network, Mara Clarke:
“ASN extended our services to Malta on 14 February 2019. Since then, extra than 2 hundred human beings have contacted us for information about abortion clinics, proper on line companies of clinical abortion pills, investment to help with the charges of abortion and journey, and logistical aid. We helped seventy five people in 2019 and 126 humans in 2020. The growth became possibly because of an elevated attention of ASN and the assist we offer and the introduced strain Covid-19 located on humans in Malta with unintended or non-viable pregnancies.”

Lara Dimitrijevic, Women’s Rights Foundation:
“We released Malta’s first ever prochoice coalition in March 2019 and spent the beyond years campaigning for the decriminalisation of abortion and for prison suggestions that carry Malta’s abortion legal pointers in keeping with international human rights standards. We were pleased to peer October’s have a take a look at by using way of statistician Vincent Marmara showing that 18.1% of humans is probably in favour of the introduction of abortion in Malta. This is a ten percentage increase over the preceding three hundred and sixty five days, with even higher numbers of younger humans in favour of abortion law liberalisation. Change is taking place.”

Professor Isabel Stabile of Doctors for Choice said:
“When ASN first opened to Malta, they needed to signpost every person who preferred actual pregnancy alternatives counselling to a issuer within the UK. However, the Family Planning Advisory Service (FPAS) launched on 1 August 2020, giving human beings of Malta a Maltese pregnancy alternatives carrier. In our first six months, FPAS have become contacted via 203 those who sought recommendation on reproductive options. Additional queries have been about assisted reproductive era which encompass pre-implantation genetic evaluation. It is a shame that human beings in Malta continue to be deprived of get entry to to vital reproductive healthcare. We would really like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers for the time committed to help people in Malta who are unnoticed and denied their rights by manner of the nation.”

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