Calculate Flexo Press Savings Provided by a Servo Add On

Removing inefficiencies from flexo press operations can shop on the price of cloth waste and the value of labor in adjusting, solving, and re-doing print jobs. A flexo press has an overhead cost related to its operation and that overhead keeps whether or not the press is going for walks efficiently or no longer. Getting the most out of your flexo press will boom earnings while overhead remains static.

What form of press financial savings are we speakme about?

A flexographic press geared up with a servo press add-on comes into sign in in a single press period of material. This is the absolute minimal for any press. A widespread flexo press no longer prepared with the re-sign in and servo infeed machine provided by a servo add on usually stories significantly extra fabric waste than a servo ready press.

Bringing the flexo press into check in in a single press period is best one way that the servo upload on saves cash. Color “pull out” is a common prevalence as a press comes up to speed. With various internet anxiety the material will stretch or bunch up and colorations will appear to wander about the internet till the click reaches its pace and slowly regains registration. All of this could take significantly more than one press length! Every time a roll is modified, waste matrix removed, or a fabric splice moves via a wellknown press will need to restart and the same “pull out” trouble happens wasting substrate.

The wonderful web anxiety maintained through the servo add on allows a flexo press to run the roll all the way down to the center. In addition the servo saves in make equipped time and cloth. This dialogue best has to do with calculating press financial savings. It does not address the many other advantages of using a servo upload on to permit a press to print on a greater diversity of substrates nor do such hard jobs as printing or multi layer labels or finishing the equal from a virtual press.

What will you want to do to calculate financial savings?

Check out the multiplied version of this dialogue along side a financial savings calculator to make the job smooth. The statistics and calculator are in both English and Spanish. You will enter your personal business enterprise information into the calculator. Much of this you will understand and some will require which you observe press operation and take measurements.

How a great deal fabric is in the press from the primary print unit?

To decide this with the clicking stopped, flag the roll at the production rewind and mark the net with a marker at the primary print unit. Run the clicking until the mark is on the rewind. Remove the cloth by using hand between the mark and the flag. Measure the fabric the use of a tape degree.

How a good deal material is wasted to get the click into check in after a restart?

To determine this with the press stopped, flag the roll on the product rewind. Run the press until it’s miles returned in sign up and flag the product rewind a second time. Remove the cloth among the flags by hand and degree with a tape measure.

Definitions and Formulas

Daily Savings

Daily footage stored = (Feet wasted to get press in register – fabric toes in press) x stops per shift x shifts according to day

Cost of daily footage stored = cost in keeping with MSI x every day saved MSI

Daily save MSI = Daily pictures saved x internet width ÷ a thousand

Time/Minutes Saved = Daily footage saved ÷ Average press speed

Overhead value Saved = Press overhead ÷ 60 x Minutes stored

Summary Overview: Projections are based on a 20 day paintings month, forty hours work shift. All time calculations are converted to hours.

With the Savings Calculator you may fill inside the following statistics:

Cost Per MSI
Press Overhead/Hour
Web Width (Inches)
Average Press Speed FPM
Material in Press (Feet)
Material Used to Register (Feet)
Press Starts consistent with Shift
Shifts according to Day

You will acquire each day savings records as follows:

Daily Material Savings

Feet Cost service at

Daily Overhead Savings


You will obtain elevated records for six, twelve, and eighteen months for the subsequent:

Material Savings in Feet
Number of 5000′ Rolls Gained
Material Savings in Dollars

Number of Hours Saved
Number of Shifts Gained
Overhead Savings

Total Material + Overhead Savings

Check out the savings calculator and find out how a Flexo press servo add on starts deciding to buy itself the first day it is connected for your flexographic press.

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