E Commerce Explained – A Research Paper

E-Commerce by Larby Amirouche


An e-trade answer for a enterprise is the incorporation of all elements of the commercial enterprise operation into an digital format. Many nicely-established agencies were promoting on-line for years. For example, Dell Computers Corp., has been promoting computer systems at once to stop-users for years. Currently, Dell is promoting immoderate of one million dollars really worth of computers everyday at the World Wide Web (WWW).

When a enterprise has integrated an e-trade solution, the commercial enterprise will enjoy a lower operation cost even as at the same time increasing its profit. The e-commerce solution will allow agencies to remove useless paperwork. All office work and records may be transformed into an digital layout. Thus, it’ll dispose of precious shelf area and data can searched and accessed in be counted of seconds. E-trade will even automates the sales manner. Customers can “point & click” on the products they want to buy, fill out the patron facts, and the product may be shipped and obtained in a count number of few days. The administration branch does not should fill out any paperwork due to the fact the consumer had done it already. Thus, the efficiency will be significantly stepped forward. With an e-trade answer, the commercial enterprise could be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People from anywhere inside the international with an Internet access could be capable of go to the web page at any time. They will not be restricted to the “regular” enterprise running hours. A “brick + mortar” commercial enterprise is normally restricted to serving the customers in its nearby geographical vicinity. With an e-commerce answer, that commercial enterprise will not be restricted a geographical restriction, rather it opens itself to the global on-line marketplace. Essentially, the enterprise’ marketplace exposure will be substantially elevated.

In carrying out my take a look at, I actually have researched extensively on the Internet for assets. I chose the Internet as my number one studies medium because e-trade is still a reasonably new era. Since it’s miles era related, the Internet will provide the maximum recent facts available. Printed guides will not be able to adapt to adjustments as rapid and efficient as digital courses. I researched many e-commerce associated net web sites along side a few corporations that behavior statistical studies. Some of the e-trade net sites that I regarded into are E-Commerce Times, eRetail, and eMarketer. The statistical studies firms that I researched are Forrester Research and Jupiter Communication. Both corporations furnished treasured statistical data that suggests the rise of purchasers shopping on-line and the expected greenback quantity so that it will be spent in the coming years.


In carrying out my have a look at, I completed the subsequent obligations:

– I searched considerably on the Internet for web sites which can be e-trade related. Upon travelling the web sites, I evaluated every sites for the contents, thoroughness, and objectiveness. There are literally hundreds of web sites which are devoted to e-trade. However, after my cautious examination of maximum of them, I narrowed all the way down to 4 sites that I will research for this report.

– I actually have also researched many firms that conducts statistical researches. The two corporations that I may be utilizing for this file are Forrester Research and Jupiter Communication. Both companies are known for his or her preciseness, non-objectiveness, and thoroughness. The statistical facts I amassed from those two companies will help my recommendation that each commercial enterprise have to have an e-trade answer implemented.


From my research, I have developed twenty motives why every business ought to comprise an e-commerce answer into the business operation. They are listed beneath.

1. To Establish A Presence

There are approximately 70 million people global which have get entry to to the World Wide Web (WWW). No remember what enterprise or commercial enterprise one is in, one can’t forget about 70 million humans. To be part of that on line network, one might want to be at the WWW for them. Because if one doe now not do it, one’s competitor really will.

2. To Network

A lot of what passes for enterprise is certainly nothing greater than making connections with different people. Every clever businessperson is aware of, it isn’t always what one is aware of, it’s miles whom one knows. Passing out one’s business card is a part of every desirable meeting and each businessperson can tell more than one tale how a hazard meeting was the massive deal. Well, what if one ought to skip out the business card to thousands, maybe tens of millions of capability customers and companions, pronouncing this is what I do and in case you are ever in need of my services, that is how you can attain me. One can, 24 hours an afternoon, inexpensively and genuinely, at the WWW.

3. To Make Business Information Available

What is primary commercial enterprise statistics? Think of a Yellow Pages advert. What are one’s commercial enterprise hours? What does one do? How can a person touch the business? What approach of charge does one take? Where is the enterprise located at? Now consider a Yellow Pages ad in which one can have immediately communique. What is contemporary unique? Today’s hobby charge? Next week’s parking lot sale data? If one should keep one’s consumer knowledgeable of each purpose why they need to do commercial enterprise with them, does not one assume one could do greater business? One can at the WWW.

4. To Serve The Customers

Making enterprise data available is one of the maximum vital ways to serve the clients. But if one seems at serving the client, one will find even greater methods to use WWW era. How approximately making bureaucracy available to pre-qualify for loans, or have one’s staff do a search for that conventional jazz file one’s customer is seeking out, with out tying up one’s body of workers on the phone to take down the facts? Allow the consumer to punch in sizes and test it against a database that tells him what color of jacket is available in a single’s store? All this could be accomplished, sincerely and quick, on the WWW.

5. To Heighten Public Interest

One may not get Newsweek mag to write down up about one’s local keep establishing, however one might get them to write up one’s Web Page cope with if it is some thing new and interesting. Even if Newsweek could write approximately one’s nearby save opening, one could not advantage from a person in a distant town reading about it, unless of path, they had been coming to at least one’s city someday soon. With Web page information, anybody anywhere who can get admission to the internet and hears about one’s website is a potential tourist to at least one’s Web site and a ability consumer for one’s information there.

6. To Release Time Sensitive Material

What if one’s materials need to be released no earlier than middle of the night? The quarterly income statement, the grand prize winner, the clicking package for the tons predicted movie, the merger news? Well, one sent out the substances to the press with “The-do-no longer-release-earlier than-such-and-such-time” statement and hope for the great. Now the facts can be made available in the dark or any time one specifies, with all related substances which include snap shots, bios, and many others. Released at precisely the equal time. Imagine the anticipation of “All substances can be made available on our Web website online at 12:01 AM”. The scoop is going to people who watch for the facts to be published, no longer the one who releases one’s statistics early.

7. To Sell Things

Many humans suppose that this is the number one aspect to do with the World Wide Web. However, I actually have made it number seven to make it clear that I assume one have to take into account promoting matters at the Internet and the World Wide Web after one has achieved all of the things above. Why? Well, the answer is complex however the first-class manner to place it’s miles, does one recollect the phone the satisfactory area to promote matters? Probably not. One probably considers the phone as a tool that allows one to speak with one’s consumer, which in flip facilitates one promote matters. Well, it’s how I think one must don’t forget the WWW. The era is one of a kind, however before human beings determine to grow to be clients, they want to recognize about one, what one does and what one could do for them. Which you will do easily and inexpensively on the WWW. Then one is probably capable to show them into customers.

Eight. To make image, sound and video available

What if one’s widget is tremendous, however people would surely find it irresistible if they could see it in motion? The album is superb but with no airplay, nobody knows that it sounds fantastic? A photograph is well worth one thousand words, but one does now not have the gap for 1000 words? The WWW lets in one to feature sound, pics and quick film documents to 1’s enterprise’s info if with the intention to serve one’s potential clients. No brochure will try this.

9. To Reach a Highly Desirable Demographic Market

The demographic of the WWW person might be the very best mass-marketplace demographic available. Usually they’re college-knowledgeable or being college educated, creating a high profits or quickly to make a excessive earnings. It isn’t any wonder that Wired mag, the mag of desire to the Internet community, has no trouble getting Lexus and different excessive-quit marketer’s advertising. Even with the addition of the economic on-line community, the demographic will stay excessive for decades to return.

10. To Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Whoever solutions the telephones in one’s agency can inform one which their time is commonly spent answering the equal questions time and again again. These are the questions clients and capability clients want to recognise the solution to before they address one. Post them on a WWW web page and one can have removed every other barrier to doing enterprise with one and freed up some time for that harried phone operator.

Eleven. To Stay in Contact with Salespeople

One’s employees on the road may additionally want up to the moment records with the intention to assist them make the sale or pull together the deal. If one knows what that facts is, you’ll maintain it published in entire privacy on the WWW. A quick local phone name can preserve one’s workforce provided with the most targeted statistics, with out long distance cellphone bills and tying up the personnel at the house office.

12. To Open International Market

One might not be able to make sense of the mail, smartphone and law structures in

all the potential international markets, however with a e-commerce answer, you can open up a speak with global markets as without problems as with the organization across the street. As a matter-of-reality, earlier than one is going onto the Web, one ought to determine how one wants to manage the international business that will come one’s manner, due to the fact one’s postings are certain to deliver global possibilities to at least one’s way, whether it’s miles part of one’s plan or not. Another introduced advantage; if one’s company has places of work distant places, they could get right of entry to the house workplaces information for the fee of a nearby telephone call.

13. To Create a 24 Hour Service

If one has ever remembered too late or too early to name the other coast, one is aware of the hassle. Not all organizations are on the equal time table. Business is international however one’s office hours are not. Trying to attain Asia or Europe is even extra frustrating. However, Web pages serve the consumer, customer and partner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No additional time either. It can customize statistics to suit needs and gather important statistics with the intention to put one ahead of the opposition, even before they get into the workplace.

14. To Make Changing Information Available Quickly

Sometimes, data adjustments before it gets off the clicking. Now one has a pile of luxurious, worthless paper. Electronic publishing adjustments with one’s needs. No paper, no ink, no printer’s bill. One can even connect one’s internet web page to a database which customizes the page’s output to a database you’ll exchange as oftentimes in an afternoon as one wishes. No published piece can match that flexibility.

15. To Allow Feedback From Customers

One passes out the brochure, the catalog, the e-book. But it does not paintings. No sales, no calls, no leads. What went incorrect? Wrong shade, incorrect price, incorrect marketplace? Keep trying out, the advertising and marketing books say, and one will finally discover what went wrong. That’s superb for the large boys with deep wallet, however who is paying the payments? One is and one would not have the time nor the money to watch for the solution. With a Web web page, it is easy to ask for remarks and get it right now without a more fee. An instant electronic mail response can be constructed into Web pages and might get the solution while its fresh in one’s clients mind, with out the fee and lack of response of commercial enterprise reply mail.

16. To Test Market New Services and Products

Tied into the reason above, all of us recognize the cost of rolling out a new product. Advertising, advertising and marketing, advertising, press launch and marketing. Expensive, expensive, highly-priced. Once one has been on the Web and realize what to anticipate from individuals who are seeing one’s web page, they’re the least pricey market for one to reach. They may even let one knows what they think of one’s product faster, simpler and lots much less expensively than every other market one can also attain. For the value of a page or of Web programming, one may have a crystal ball into where to put one’s products or services within the marketplace.

17. To Reach The Media

Every sort of business desires the exposure that the media can deliver, as I touched on in reason #5 “To Heighten Public Interest”, however what if one’s business is accomplishing the media, as a newswire, a publicist or a public policy group. The media is the most stressed profession nowadays, considering their major product is facts and they can get it extra quick, affordably and effortlessly on line. On-line press kits are becoming increasingly more common, due to the fact they work with the virtual surroundings of an increasing number of pressrooms. Digital pics may be installed vicinity without the stripping and shooting of the antique pressrooms and virtual textual content may be edited and outputted on tight closing dates. All these may be made available on an e-commerce solution.

18. To Reach The Education and Youth Market

If one’s market is schooling, consider that most universities already provide Internet accesses to their students and most K-12’s will be on the Internet within the next few years. Books, athletic shoes, have a look at publications, adolescents fashion and anything else that would need to reach these overlapping markets wishes to be at the WWW. Even with the coming of the economic on line offerings and their fairly older populations there may be nothing however boom in the share of the below 25 market with a view to be on-line.

19. To Reach The Specialized Market

Sell fish tanks, art reproductions, flying instructions? One might imagine that the Internet is not an awesome area to be. Well, suppose again. The Internet isn’t just for pc technological know-how students anymore. With the 70 million and growing users of the WWW, even the maximum narrowly described interest institution may be represented in huge numbers. Since the Web has numerous excellent seek packages, one’s interest organization may be able to find one’s corporation, or one’s competitors.

20. To Serve One’s Local Market

I’ve pointed out the energy to serve the world with a e-trade answer. How approximately one’s community? If one is placed in San Francisco Bay Area, the Raleigh NC place, Boston or New York, there might be enough local clients with Internet get entry to to make it well worth one’s while to remember Web advertising and marketing. A local Palo Alto, CA eating place even takes lunch orders via the Internet! But regardless of in which one is, if the massive customer has Internet get right of entry to, one ought to be there too.

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