EIK – An Intelligent Segmentation System

Identifying your target market and their needs is like prevailing the 1/2 of a struggle even before its inception. Electronic Information Kit or EIK is designed to serve exactly the same cause – to make a product/service out and out goal-target audience centric which in the long run outcomes within the attainment of market management.

Intelligent segmentation device

The term wise segmentation device or ISS refers to a manner of creating a gap Cajon inteligente market and catering to its wishes in the best way. The advantages of ISS consist of excessive conversion, low value of sale, overall patron-manipulate and management in the exact category.

How EIK works as a top-drawer ISS

High conversion

As you already know, an Electronic Information Kit also known as Electronic Media Kit is nothing but a superior model of the conventional PDF or strength point that you connect with your e mail to help your client recognise more about your product. An EIK, but, in contrast to PDF or e-mail which can be accessed handiest through the intended receiver, remains available for the view of every on-line consumer.

With your product seen in the search engine, it’s miles maximum in all likelihood to attract many new clients and thus increasing its reach and sale.

Low price of sale

As explained in advance, EIK, due to its on line availability, takes your product/provider to a huge variety of people. This saves you the extra cash you otherwise have to spend in selling your product via different approach.

Consumer manage

Electronic Information Kit, unlike any other promotional way, has a completely unique power to give you on the spot remarks approximately the use of the product. With the use of EIK, it takes you no time in finding out the whole information concerning the patterns of customers’ conduct. This allows you knowing a vacationer inside out.

Based upon these statistics and figures, you may make required adjustments for your product/service as and when you need. Thus, EIK proves helpful in preserving you up to date approximately the converting alternatives and demands of the patron.

In other words, Electronic Information Kit lets in you to gain a whole manage of your audience with the aid of making regular modifications for your product as in keeping with their (clients’) predilections.


Since EIK can be one at a time designed for every and every product, it offers you an opportunity to end up a marketplace leader in the particular category.

Suppose you’re entering into a business of fragrance. Now imagine the competition you need to face from other current market leaders.

The role of Electronic Information Kit involves the fore here. You can break up your perfume-enterprise into segments like perfumes for male and perfumes for lady. Now through having a separate Electronic Information Kit for those two segments, you can earn a completely unique identification of being professional inside the every of the category.

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