How Much Will My Granite Countertop Cost

There are many reasons why people are choosing granite counter tops. Many of the motives include the blessings, installation problems, and fee. You have made an exquisite selection to apply granite on your counters. The fine choice with the installation of granite counters is to use an authorized contractor for the activity.

Cost of Materials For Granite Countertops

Granite can vary in fee. It may depend upon the sort of granite that you pick and the form of end you pick. However, putting in granite requires more than just the granite slab or tiles. There are many different substances that you need to buy for the set up of your new countertops like a 25 lb. Of thin set mortar ($10), a five lb. Bag of unsanded grout ($5), a quart of polished sealer (25), a roll of fiberglass mesh tape ($5), a trowel ($five), a putty knife($5), a honing stone($7), a grout flow ($5), caulk that matches the shade in case you are the usage of tiles ($5), and plastic spacers ($5). All of these materials might be needed for installing granite counter tops and you ought to do not forget the charges when you are budgeting to your new counter. You additionally might need a tile noticed. You can buy one for around $275 or you could rent a saw from many places for around $45 for each day. The slicing need to be capable of be performed in in the future. You also need to estimate the lumber substances that you will need to buy additionally. The substances that you’ll be wanting consist of a full sheet of ¾ inch plywood. Every 8ft. Of countertop which you have you will want one sheet. You will want a sheet of Denshield to returned the tile for every 5 toes. Of counter that you have. Roofing nails and screws may be needed for securing purposes.

The price of granite differs by using the type of granite that you decide on. If you would love a stable floor granite countertop then you’ll pay around $a hundred twenty five in line with square foot. If you’re thinking about tiles on your counter then the prices will run around $60 per rectangular foot. Tiles can be very cheap or they can be costly. It relies upon on the sort and texture of the granite. The finish you would really like on your counter will make a massive distinction additionally and could growth the price. Many human beings decide on the fake end that could cost you about $80.

Installation Costs For Granite Countertops

There are many things which you need to think about when you rent a contractor to professionally deploy your granite counter tops. Hiring the incorrect character might be disastrous and price you extra cash ultimately. You ought to find out how lengthy the contractor has been in enterprise so you may be certain that they’ve been in enterprise for some time. This may even verify that they may be well-hooked up. You ought to also verify in the event that they have any proceedings towards them through customer safety officers. You want to affirm what number of initiatives the contractor has completed and ask to look a portfolio of the paintings they have performed. Some chicago countertop contractor take snap shots in their finished work and this can provide you with an amazing idea of what you need to look forward to while it’s far finished.

You ought to also ask for a list of references and you need to verify all of them. Don’t just take their phrase for it. Call all people. If the contractor goes to be the usage of other sub-contractors to assist them with the venture, you ought to meet them and make certain that you are feeling comfortable with them in your house. Verify that everyone who may be operating in your private home is licensed and that they’re all blanketed by using coverage. You can shield yourself by using asking to see a lien waiver to affirm that the contractor would not owe everyone any money. A contractor should have personal legal responsibility coverage on the way to cover damage to property and something else that could happen.

When you pay the contractor for the work completed, verify which you are glad with the paintings completed before you are making a very last price. You should restrict the down price to as little as feasible and in case you are requested to be paid in full you then should go along with someone else. You can work with the contractor and set milestones for payment. This manner, as the contractor completes defined quantities of labor, and then you definately pay them. You need to additionally constantly keep away from paying coins at all costs. You should even have a contract that clearly spells out all the paintings in an effort to be executed for the counter tops. Be certain that warranties are defined for the substances and the paintings carried out. Also make certain the contractor cleans their mess of extra materials and matters earlier than they depart.

When you hire a contractor to install granite counter tops in your house, the charge can also vary via how experienced the contractor is and how large the counters are. The fee can range from $700 to $1500 and better. If you make a decision to install granite counter tops on your personal, then you could be looking at fees from $500 to approximately $700. It is usually now not endorsed to install granite counters yourself. This is because you ought to have ability when you are reducing granite and installing a counter. The value of errors with granite may cost you extra than what you can afford. It is usually better to rent a professional contractor to put in granite in your kitchen.

Choosing granite counter tops to your kitchen is the pleasant choice that you can make to beautify and growth the value of your own home. We desire you the nice of good fortune in locating the slab of granite that is right for you and your house. You are certain to discover it.

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