Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions Create Choice Hair Styles for Hair Loss and Fashion Clients

From the start of time, girls have cared for his or her hair. As 2005’s Most Popular Hair extensions ottawa a long way again as 4000-300 B.C. Egyptian ladies or even men are proven with diverse wigs and problematic hair patterns. Hair is a contributing aspect to ones confidence and serenity. Our culture strongly identifies femininity with a thick, lustrous head of hair. Images of complete bodied, shining hair are synonymous with woman attributes, sexuality, desirability and vigor. Thinning, dry, lusterless hair is identified with contamination, vintage age, and poverty.

Every technology is going via more and more alterations and capitalizes on contemporary developments of Hair Styles. The massive Hair Style trend these days is in complete swing in Europe and is just beginning to spread within the United States. It is the trend of Hair Extensions. Hair extensions involve the attachment of human or synthetic hair on your current hair to create a extra full or lengthy look right away. Hair extensions can add on the spot body, period for your appearance and can also assist with hair thinning and hair loss conditions.

There are many extraordinary strategies of hair extensions on the market nowadays, a few accurate, a few no longer so top. Mark Sharp, co-founder and innovative director of Mark Glenn Hair Enhancement of London, England and Glenn Kinsey, co-founder and dealing with director have taken modern steps in growing a fiber hair extension technique that now not only does not damage the existing hair however may even enhance the situation of the hair. They have converted the lives of women who suffer from varying ranges of hair loss because of situations which include alopecia, trichotillomania, genetic factors, stress and post-operative trauma.

The Mark Glenn extensions, generally known as MG extensions, use no glues, bonding solutions, threads, weaves, injections, and not anything is stuck on the head. They are connected using a very nice braid. A small phase of present hair is cut up into two. The fiber hair is likewise split into two to make the braid and is sooner or later wrapped across the base of the hair, protective it. The fiber is then “sealed on itself” the usage of a heat tool (which is no hotter than a typical pair of curling tongs or crimpers). This creates a tiny plastic seal. It’s crucial to factor out that in this technique, your personal hair is properly “cocooned” inside the fiber so it does not come into direct touch with any warmness. Therefore, your own hair remains in ideal circumstance. For hair loss or thinning troubles, the extensions are carried out with non-allergic mesh and the fiber hair is woven thru the mesh to create the appearance.

Glenn Kinsey of Mark Glenn Hair Enhancement has joined us these days for a brief query and solution consultation on their fiber hair extensions.

Welcome Glenn and thanks for joining us these days! We have some questions for you approximately your exquisite hair extensions.

Question: I remember that you and Mark have previously worked with human hair extensions. Why did you switch to artificial fiber extensions?
Answer: Several reasons:

1. Weight – human hair is twice the weight of fiber and therefore feels “heavy” on the top – at its worst, this multiplied weight and stress on the hair can purpose “traction alopecia”. In addition, human hair is porous – it soaks up water – that can drastically growth the load whilst wet.

2. Tangle – human hair tends to “matt” and “tangle” – that is due to the fact the floor of human hair has little “spines” on it, that appear like roof tiles beneath a microscope. Because this “alien” hair isn’t always being conditioned by using the natural oils that situation your very own hair, those “spines” generally tend to “stick out” and tangle up with the alternative hairs in your head. Consequently, you do need to apply quite in depth conditioners to hold the hair in true situation. Fiber, however, has a clean floor and consequently is less in all likelihood to tangle.

Three. Glue – human hair extensions are normally carried out with glue and eliminated with acetone – a recipe for harm, the outcomes of which we often see in our studio. Our technique does not use any chemical substances.

Four. Colour match – a stylist the use of human hair might typically take a swatch of the client’s hair and send it to a human hair provider who could then choose the closest shade from a particular range. We actually colour-blend our hair with the customer in front people – deliberating all of the specific subtle colour shifts that may exist in their hair – to get an truly perfect in shape

five. Ethics – there may be a excellent deal of thriller surrounding the origins of human hair used in extensions and it is very tough to track the exact supply. A not unusual source for pinnacle excellent hair is from girl Russian prisoners, as an example

6. Look and feel – fiber appears and feels just like actual hair however is a good deal kinder to the hair and is a whole lot easier to style and deal with.

Question: What percent of your customers gets hair extensions for hair loss issues versus style?
Answer: The split is about 50/50

Question: You have developed your own branded technique (MG extensions) for making use of fiber extensions. What is precise approximately your method in contrast to different strategies available? Do you plan to patent your application approach?
Answer: We have a proprietary approach for working with girl hair loss, for which customers visit us from all over the international. For style functions, we have amalgamated numerous extraordinary techniques and added our own specific diversifications to create a way that creates a beautiful appearance

Question: Why do you feel that fiber extensions are superior to human hair extensions? Could you apply human hair extensions using your technique if a consumer genuinely favored human hair?
Answer: See above. Apart from using pliers and a metal clip (that’s fantastic a laugh via airport steel detectors and very uncomfortable whilst you lay your head on a pillow!) the only manner to apply human hair is with glue.

Question: What schooling and training is worried for stylists doing MG extensions?
Answer We work in teams of two human beings – a “lead” and an “assist”. Team contributors start out as an “assist” and then, after about 12 to 24 months, progress as much as a “lead”. “Leads” are the ones that direct the work. Our education could be very in depth and “at the task” to permit group individuals to experience the bewildering array of each styles and techniques, in addition to the differing varieties of hair loss they’ll come across.

Question: What are the criminal requirements in England for doing hair extensions?
Answer: Sadly, there aren’t any precise legal necessities for hair extensions over and above those for a regular hair salon.

Question: What are the minimum requirements for a person trying hair extensions? Length of hair? Stable hair loss? Have you grew to become down clients for hair extensions and why?
Answer: We regularly shy away customers regardless of how an awful lot they want hair extensions, if we don’t assume it will appearance sensational! For style work, the principle reason is duration of current hair – for the nice effects, the clients hair needs to be at least 4 to 6 inches lengthy. This is because you want existing hair to conceal where the extensions are connected. For our clients with hair loss, there can be a whole range of motives, from too little existing hair to hair loss that hasn’t “stabilized”.

Question: There are a few hair extensionists that don’t endorse getting fiber extensions because of esthetic reasons. Can you describe the best of the fiber hair, where it’s far made and why these pointers aren’t valid?
Answer: We handiest use a beautiful, hand-made fiber this is simply undetectable from the real element in look, experience and behavior. It’s definitely more luxurious than some human hair! Cheap fiber is clearly lousy, akin to “Barbie-doll” hair. You simplest generally tend to spot bad extensions – we pleasure ourselves on the reality that, in preferred, no-one even suspects our clients have extensions and we’ve a huge number of celebrity customers that, in a few instances, even the media have not noticed that their hair is not their personal!

Question: You point out on your internet site, http://www.Markglenn.Com that the fiber extensions do now not harm your hair and might even enhance the condition of your hair. Can you explain how they are able to improve the circumstance of your hair?
Answer: First of all, we don’t use any chemical compounds. Secondly, your personal hair is “cocooned” and guarded in the extension and maintains to grow as ordinary. Thirdly, when the extensions are eliminated, they just slide off your hair leaving no mess or residue. Because your hair has been covered in this manner over some months, the condition of your own hair regularly improves.

Question: What is the preservation schedule for style and hair loss fiber extensions? What occurs if you do no longer follow the renovation time table?
Answer: For fashion, you’d want to either do away with the extensions after three months or have them eliminated and replaced. Initially, the extensions are connected at the base of your hair. However, your hair will develop at round half an inch a month so the extensions start to grow down your personal hair. If you leave it longer than 3 months, there may be a chance that the newly grown hair above the extension can also begin to matt and tangle and, inside the worst-case situation, dreadlock. For hair loss, the unique method we use demands that customers go to us every six weeks for comparable motives – the “mesh” can begin to experience a touch unfastened if it’s left for tons longer than 6 weeks.

Question: If someone has very thick hair and wants simplest to extend it, why would not you simply follow the extensions to the ends of the hair, instead of at the roots?

Answer: Because you’d see a “bump” where the extension is connected.

Question: Can you treat fiber extensions the same as your very own hair? I.E. Shampooing, conditioning, curling, brushing, and so on

Answer: Yes – wash it as normal, blow dry, curl, situation, brush – much like the real issue. And because the fiber is truely non-porous, you do not want to apply luxurious products on the hair, e.G. Conditioners, because they may have no impact on the extension hair itself. The best thing you need to avoid is direct, sustained heat e.G. Hot-iron straighteners etc. Rollers and so forth. Are great.

Question: Are there any regulations? Can you coloration or perm the fibre extensions?
Answer: You can not perm the extensions but you would not need to – you may obtain the identical appearance the use of rollers, as an instance. Colour has no effect on the extension hair, again, because it’s non-porous. This is splendid for clients who retain to have their “roots” performed, within the information that the coloration won’t have an effect on the extension hair.

Question: On an annual foundation, what would a standard customer pay for Fashion and Hair Loss Fiber extensions inclusive of preservation schedules? Are most people of the costs associated with fee of the materials or the exertions?
Answer: Costs do vary from face to face and fashion to style. Since we’ve got two people running on a purchaser’s head on the equal time, price is predominantly based totally on the quantity of time it takes with each particular consumer. On common, a style patron might pay around GBP £1,500.00 in keeping with year and a hair loss consumer, around twice as a good deal. And bear in mind that you don’t need to visit a hairdresser in view that we cope with all this during appointments.

Question: Your Hair Loss fiber extensions qualify for investment from scientific plans in England. Did you have to undergo a certification process for this funding? Have any of your customers outside England received price from scientific plans in their u . S .?
Answer: Because of the manner the United Kingdom health gadget works (that is funded by way of the Government) it very a good deal depends on the mindset of nearby health government rather than a particular “check”. Some fitness authorities are happy to fund their patients, while others aren’t, who prefer the cheaper option of presenting wigs. We’ve but to have a person from outdoor the UK who’s funded by using a health plan etc.

Question: Do you propose to provide education to stylists outdoor your salon so that other salons inside the international can offer MG Extensions?
Answer: Not at present, even though it’s something we can also don’t forget inside the future.

Question: Are there official salons in the US that you would propose?
Answer: Since the general public of our techniques have been developed in-house and are consequently unique to us, it’s not going you’ll find all of us locally who does things in quite the identical way. The fact that, presently, we have customers that go to us from 14 special nations, seems to affirm this. I so want I may want to advocate others, but we definitely have not yet encounter anybody who provides a comparable result to a comparable general

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