Train Vs Car – Which Is Cheaper Really?

The other day I changed into talking to a friend who has just were given a task in Adelaide. He has commenced running in a call centre within the middle of the CBD. Knowing that I become suitable at budgeting he asked me to exercise session the difference in price between driving his car and catching the educate. Now I will percentage them with you if you are in this example.


My buddy lives 30 kilometres from his work. He then parks his vehicle for $17 dollars an afternoon.

Now his automobile makes use of eight litres of fuel for each a hundred kilometres driven. Each day he drives 60 kilometres, so each week he drives 300 kilometres. This approach he uses 24 litres of gasoline every week. If fuel was selling for $1.30, on common he uses $31.20 on fuel on my own.

Plus parking his vehicle 5 days per week at $17 an afternoon he would be spending $85 every week in parking.
Petrol $31.20
Parking $85
Total in keeping with week to get to and from work $116.20
Or if he works 48 weeks a year this will fee $5,577.60

This does now not don’t forget any wear and tear on his car. For example the use of greater CBD Oil, much less time among servicing and possible injuries which includes insurance claims.


On the educate he pays $4.20 in line with experience inside and outside. So it might price him $eight.40 an afternoon.
Total in step with week to get inside and out to paintings is $42

Or if he works 48 weeks a year this would value $2,016. This is a saving of $three,561

So in this situation the train wins hands down.

Sure it’s not as at ease. Not as high-quality to sit in a train while you can be in a pleasant vehicle cruising at your
personal pace. However the savings cannot be denied.

Plus on a educate you don’t should fear approximately the fee of petrol. Your ticket fee is set. If gas as an instance went as much as a mean of $1.50 consistent with litre, all of a unexpected you will be spending an extra $231 to get to and from work by using car.

Let’s say each 12 months for 5 years you could save $3,500 by way of taking the teach.

You put that cash into a savings account at five% hobby over the 5 years at month-to-month periods.

At the end of five years you’ll have $19,857.Seventy eight.

Not awful hiya?

So my recommendation to my pal or to you the reader. If you have a choice, take the teach to feature on your bank stability.

My new book is referred to as “How to cut your debt to 0 in 5 easy steps the keep it simple silly domestic price range”

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